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Pacers Show the Way in NBA Central

The Indiana Pacers now lead the NBA’s Central Division over the Chicago Bulls with a 31-19 record. The Pacers have won five straight and taken advantage over the Bulls losing their last two to take over first place. They are third in the overall Eastern Conference standings one and a half games behind the New York Knicks in second spot and three behind the Miami Heat in third place.

BetOnline has odds on tonight’s Toronto Raptors at Indiana Pacers game. Toronto is +7.5 -110 or +290. The Pacers are -7.5 -110 or -350. Over/Under is 188. The Pacers have not lost at home in over two months. Toronto will not be the ones to end that streak so Pacers -350 is a safe bet. But will they cover? We think so. So we like the Pacers -7.5 and the under -110.

The Bulls were blown out last night against the Denver Nuggets 128-96. Tonight they will face the Utah Jazz. The Bulls are +3.5 -110 or +150. The Jazz is -3.5 -110 or -170. Over/Under is 185. The Bulls are a good team and good teams normally bounce back from a clunker like last night. We like the Bulls +3.5 and the over-110.

Next in the Central Division standings are the Milwaukee Bucks at 25-23. The Bucks are in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference standings and are off tonight. The Detroit Pistons are in fourth place in the division at 18-32. The Pistons will host the Bucks on Saturday night. The Pistons are +6.6 -110 and the Bucks are -6.5 -110. Over?under is 199. We will go with the Pistons +6.5 at home and the under -110.

The Cleveland Cavaliers bring up the rear at 15-34. They will host the even worse Orlando Magic who are 14-35. The Magic is +7.5 -110 or +250. The Cavs are -7.5 -1110 or -300. Over/Under is 197. The Magic offense is so bad, we can almost guarantee the under will win. These guys can’t break 80. So we will go with the Cavs +7.5 and the under-110.

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