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This Week in Fail: Easter Edition

A lot of athletes woke up on this Easter morning to find a basket of fail left by the Easter Bunny for them.  Let’s dig out all that fake green grass and throw it all over the living room and see what the Easter Bunny got for some of these failing teams.

Ohio State Buckeyes

When the No.2 seeded Buckeyes woke up this morning they found in their basket tickets back to Ohio as they were defeated by Wichita State.  The Buckeyes were favored to win this game and take a trip to the Final Four by 4.5-6 points depending on where you got your point spread from.  The Shockers continued to shock (yeah, I am literally the 12,000th writer to use that lame device) by pulling another upset and getting a spot among the four best teams in the country.  Up next the Buckeyes will look to give Syracuse a bit of a shocker and head on to the Championship game.  Meanwhile, the Buckeyes little chocolate bunnies are tasting pretty bitter this morning.

Los Angeles Lakers

I pointed out last week that the Lakers own coach said the idea of them going to the playoffs was a “joke.” The rest of the Lakers seemed to agree and have since been figuratively handing the Utah Jazz the final spot in the Western Conference Playoffs by losing games that they should be winning.

Mike D’Antoni, however, is really good at not taking teams to championship games even when the talent is there.  We saw it in New York and now we are seeing it in LA.  Ideally the Lakers woke up and found that the Easter Bunny has brought them a new coach.  However, I believe they instead found nothing but disappointment in their baskets.

Dallas Cowboys

Every year we all hype up how good the Cowboys are going to be, and every year they fail to live up to those expectations.  However, we really shouldn’t be surprised as nothing ever changes in Dallas.  It’d be like if I refused to hunt Easter eggs then complained all day when I didn’t have any candy.

This week it was reported that the Cowboys resigned Tony Romo to a new contract making him the highest paid QB in the franchise’s history.  Do not get me wrong, I am not a Romo hater.  I think he is very talented. However, if you consistently miss the playoffs and/or consistently drop important games you usually change some things.  Instead the Cowboys keep the same players, the same type of coaches and not surprisingly they continue to under perform.

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