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This Week In Fail – February 23, 2013

Hey guys, do you remember this:

Sorry, I just wanted one more excuse to post that before the NFL draft happens and we all stop talking about this last season.

While it may be a long time before someone tops the butt fumble, Manti Te’O and the invisible girl came close, we still have a nice fresh pot of failure from this last week to keep us all entertained.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors had a really good week.  They secured an overtime victory on Friday night over the San Antonio Spurs, who currently hold the best record in the NBA and were coming into the game against the Warrior with an impressive 9-1 on their last ten.   Their 107-101 OT victory over the Spurs could mark a turning point in the Warrior season.

However, the Warriors decided to challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers for the ugliest uniform ever.


The Warriors uniforms were bad.  So bad that they hurt my eyes when trying to look at them on television.  Their is far too many variations of the color yellow in that uniform.

Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers

Both the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Clippers are just outside of the top two teams in each of their respective conferences.  Both these teams got a chance to play the best teams in their conferences on Thursday night.  They needed to go into each of their games and show the Spurs and Miami Heat that they were not simply going to stroll through the Conference Championships.

Instead of making a statement, both these teams showed us exactly why the Spurs and the Heat are on top of the NBA.  These games were not even close.  The Bulls fell to the Heat 86-67 while the Clippers lost 116-90.

Every Team that the Blackhawks Have Steam Rolled

The Chicago Blackhawks are having one of the best starts in NHL history.  The Blackhawks have now gone 17 straight games with a point (breaking a NHL record) and with their latest win against the San Jose Sharks (2-1), they are now sittting at 15-0-3.  Come on other teams in the NHL, you have to stop these guys at some point.

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