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This Week In Fail – Febuary 16, 2013

With football officially over the sports world completely turns its attention to basketball and hockey.  The glorious fails in the NFL will be hard to top for the NBA and NHL (Two words:  “Butt Fumble”), but they are going to give it a good try.  Anyways, this week I’m going to focus on a big gripe I have with the NBA All-Star competitions.

NBA All-Star Fails

There are a handful of gripes that I have with the modern version of the NBA All-Star weekend, but I will first say something nice.  It is nice to see that the All-Star game still features the biggest stars in the NBA competing (sort of competing?)  against each other.  I can’t complain too much about it as it is called the All-Star Break and the game is meant to be fun, which it is.

However, the NBA stars do not turn out for the Slam Dunk Competition or Three-Point Shootout.  The list of players involved in these competitions are reserves and names that some of you likely had to Google to remind yourself who they were.  It was not always like this.  At one time the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Shawn Kemp would partake in these competitions.

We all remember this...

Let’s be honest, the biggest reason we complain about this is because we want to see LeBron James and Kevin Durrant go ahead to head in a dunk competition.  Why can’t this happen?

James mockingly tweeted that if a million bucks were on the line he may partake in the dunk contest.  Pshhh, screw you James.  There was a time when it was considered an honor to win that competition.  You can still find stills of Jordan’s dunks from the competition on the bedroom walls and college dorm rooms of basketball fans of all ages.  It contributed to your legacy and helped cement you as a force to be reckoned with.  Now it is only worth a quick tweet from arguably the best player in the NBA.  I want the dunk contest legacy back, and the NBA is failing to deliver.

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