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This Week in Fail March 23, 2013

It was an exciting week in sports.   There were big games in the NBA, major shakeups in the NFL and, of course, we are fully immersed in March Madness.   With all the excitement there has also been some exquisite fails.

New Mexico

Harvard found themselves in their second consecutive NCAA Tournament.  They had yet to secure a tournament victory, and it looked as though it was not going to come this year considering they were taking on the No.3 seed New Mexico.  Much to the surprise of literally everyone Harvard defeated New Mexico.  Harvard defeated New Mexico 68-62.  How the No.3 seeded New Mexico let Harvard walk all over them is anyone guess, but it is definitely a fail.

Los Angeles Lakers

How do you know your team is in serious trouble?  When your coach says that you going to the championship is a “joke.”

“We say ‘championship’ in the huddle. That’s laughable. Championship? You got to be kidding me”

-Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni

D’Antoni said this after the Lakers blew an 18 point lead against the Washington Wizards.  The Wizards came back to spoil both Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant’s come back game, defeating the Lakers 100-103.

I would like to point out that D’Antoni is just as much as part of this losing team as the rest of the squad.  He is also not an expert at winning championship considering he is ringless.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have now let three of their most valuable defensive players walk.  Ray Lewis is retired, Ed Reid is headed to Houston to play with the Texans and Bernard Pollard was picked up by the Tennessee Titans.  You cannot let a championship defense walk away.

Hey Why Didn’t You Talk About…

The Bears Lose Urlacher

Brian Urlacher is undoubtedly the face the Chicago Bears, but he is getting older.  Sometime players need a little push in the direction of hanging it up.  It may not have been the best way to go about it but when it is time to move on a team has to move on.

NFL Rule RB Rule Change

This one is big time controversial.  Matt Forte and Adrian Peterson have both voiced major grievances about this rule change that says player are no longer allowed to use their heads when breaking tackles.  My advice to players who are upset is to simply get over it.  Learn to run in a safer manner you babies.

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