This Week In Fail (March 2, 2013)

I’ll be honest, I had a hard time coming up with some failures to write about this week.  I try to only write about the oddities in failure as I just wrote about how the Charlotte Bobcats lost again this week it would not be a very entertaining article nor would it come as a surprise.  I did manage to pull myself together, though, and deliver to you the week in fail.

Matt Cassel

Alex Smith taking the QB helm over in Kansas City has been met as great news by Chiefs fans.  However, I believe I know one person who is not happy about this change in QB, Matt Cassel.

Cassel skyrocketed to fame after taking Tom Brady’s place in New England.  Since then we all just say “remember that one time Cassel was awesome in New England?”

It is not that Cassel is a bad QB.  He is a solid QB that can be a difference maker.  Unfortunately, he failed to find his stride in Kansas City and simply did not have chemistry with the wide out squad their.  Whether Smith will have better luck remains to be seen, but the best Cassel can hope for now is finding himself as the starter 0n another squad, Arizona Cardinals perhaps, otherwise he may find himself back on the bench.

WTF Top College Basketball Teams!

The best NCAA basketball teams in the nation have been wildly inconsistent this year.  We have seen teams fall on and off the 25 best teams in the nation, and we have seen some of the “best” teams in college basketball fall to unranked teams pretty often.  It has not only been this week but it has been happening for the last month or so.

Now, all of a sudden, Duke is being talked about as the best team in the NCAA.  Where did they come from?  All I can say is good luck with those brackets this year bettors, it appears you are going to need it.

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