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Updated NCAA BBall Futures: March 25


With the first week of the NCAA Tournament in the books, we are down to the Sweet 16. After losing some tournament favorites already, including Georgetown and Gonzaga, some bettors might not think these 16 are that sweet as they look down at their busted brackets. However, with these new futures odds, there is still a chance to cash in on the tournament if you can pick out the correct championship team! So, buck up and take a look at these futures, courtesy of Bovada.lv, and our take on each pick.

Louisville #1: 3/1

Louisville certainly would not be a bad pick with the way they’ve played thus far. They are still the overall No. 1 seed and still probably the best team in the tournament. Of course, you aren’t getting super great value at 3/1.

Florida #3: 19/4

Florida has looked like a real contender and they have one of the easier roads to the Final Four with FGCU up next. Still, considering they were shaky down the stretch of the regular season, I’m not quite sold on the Gators.

Indiana #1: 5/1

Indiana barley survived against Temple yesterday, but the Hoosiers are still a team with the complete package. They play a good inside-out game and can score from anywhere on the floor. I actually like Indiana at 5/1.

Miami Florida #2: 15/2

Miami is a very solid pick at 15/2. They survived a scare against Illinois, but the Hurricanes have been consistently strong all year.

Ohio State #2: 15/2

The Buckeyes are another team that could win it all. They proved they can come through in the clutch with the game-winner they put up on Iowa State and as the champions of arguably the toughest conference in the nation, you know Ohio State can beat the best teams out there.

Michigan #4: 11/1

Michigan has been one of the more impressive teams in the tournament so far. The Wolverines posted a near perfect performance against VCU on Friday, scoring from everywhere on the floor while beating VCU’s full court press. My only concern is the fact that they’ve relied on outside shooting quite a bit and I’m not sure if they can continue to knock ’em down against teams like Kansas, who is coming up on their schedule.

Duke #2: 12/1

Duke was my pick to win the whole thing before the madness started and I’m sticking with the Blue Devils. They haven’t been as flashy or as impressive as Louisville or Miami, but the Devils still have the best coach in the country and a complete team. They also have the tourney experience and a slew of clutch players at the ready to come through and win games.

Kansas #1: 12/1

The Jayhawks are another good value pick at 12/1. They turned in an excellent second-half comeback against North Carolina last night, showing that they are never out of a game. However, if they continue to fall behind, they won’t be so lucky later in the tourney.

Michigan State #3: 14/1

The Spartans are definitely solid at 14/1. They have a great balanced team. The only problem is they have the toughest road to the Final Four, as they have to go through Duke and then most likely Louisville. I just don’t see them winning both of those games, much less their upcoming showdown with the Blue Devils.

Arizona #6: 18/1

Arizona would be a dark horse for sure, but if the Wildcats find a way past the Buckeyes, they’ll find a much easier opponent in either Wichita State or La Salle. Of course, even if the Cats make the Final Four, it will be tough for them to prevail, but at 18/1, it could be worth a shot for value sake.

Syracuse #4: 20/1

This might be the best value pick on the board. Syracuse is certainly capable of winning the whole tournament and at 20/1, you stand to make a boat load of cash if it does. I still like Duke to win it, but if we are talking straight value, the Orange are the best bet.

Oregon #12: 33/1

The Ducks are getting good value too, but their chances of winning are simply too slim. Yes, they’ve looked great in both of their double-digit victories so far, but with Louisville and either Michigan State or Duke coming up, I’m afraid it’s going to be lights out for the Duckies.

Marquette #3: 40/1

Marquette has been lucky to escape both of its first two games. However, it’s luck is probably going to run out soon. The Golden Eagles are one of the poorest shooting teams left in the tournament and against good defenses, they’ll have to take perimeter shots. They just don’t have much of a chance, so even 40/1 doesn’t look like a winner here.

Wichita State #9: 40/1

Wichita State has drained pretty much all of its three-balls so far, but we have to imagine the Shockers will cool off against better opponents. Still, they are playing better than Marquette, so if you are going to take 40/1, go with the Shockers over the Eagles.

La Salle #13: 66/1

La Salle has had a great run. It may even win its next game against the Shockers, but there’s no way the Explorers can win the whole thing.

Florida Gulf Coast #15: 75/1

The same can be said for Florida Gulf Coast. Although, the Eagles of FGCU have been undeniably impressive in their first two wins. I just don’t know if they can keep it up. However, at 75/1, it wouldn’t hurt to throw a small wager in for them just to see what happens.

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