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Big 12 Football: Kansas State on Upset Alert

On paper, there is no way the Baylor Bears should beat the #1 Kansas State Wildcats today. We all know that. But, as they say, the game isn’t played on paper. Collin Klein is having a dream season as the Wildcats quarterback. He could have a Danny Weurffel/Chris Weinke/ Charlie Ward type year where he wins it all. He could walk away with the National Championship and the Heisman Trophy. But nothing is in the bag as of yet. K-State still has two hurdles to go, the Bears and the Texas Longhorns, before they can pack for Miami.

If you say, “well they should beat those guys” of course they should. But number one teams lose all the time. Heck, it just happened last week when a two-loss Texas A&M Aggies team went on the road and beat the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide. In hindsight, everybody saw it coming. Funny how nobody saw it coming a week ago though. But number one teams always lose to lesser foes. They just about have to don’t they?

Does anyone remember Kansas State ever being #1? Anybody? So we have zero idea how they will handle it. None. One thing they are about to find out is that when you are #1 you get everybody’s best shot. And when you are number one on the road, as they will be today, you get the crowd’s best too. Baylor is also still playing for something. They need to win some games to become bowl eligible. A loss today puts them on the brink of being knocked out of contention.

Yes, the Bears are not as good without last season’s Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III. But they are still pretty good offensively. It’s the defense that stinks. But sometimes teams can get pumped up and make plays on defense they don’t normally make. And before you know it, you’re down on the scoreboard with loud crowd going crazy on you. We’ve seen it happen before. And many of these players have played in a few big games too.

TopBet has K-State -12.5 -110 or -500. Baylor is +12.5 -110 or +400. Over/under on the game is 75. We are going to go with Baylor +12.5 and the under on this one. Baylor will play over their heads at least for a while.

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