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Heisman Trophy Odds: Johnny Football the Favorite

FuFsl.AuSt.168The odds for the Heisman Trophy are on BetOnline. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Johnny Manziel +300- It is very difficult to win two Heisman Trophies. Just ask Tim Tebow, who many say is the greatest college football player of all time. He went to New York three times and went one for three. His off season shenanigans have likely turned a few voters off as well. You may want to back off this pick.

Braxton Miller +550– Many are on Miller’s bandwagon and with good reason. Urban Meyer is very high on this kid and he should know a thing or two about Heisman quarterback talent having coached both Tebow and Cam Newton. It does not hurt that he plays for an outstanding team in a not-so-outstanding conference.

Aaron Murray +900– That “stat guys” will love Murray. But he has one glaring weakness. He does not play well in the big games. The Georgia Bulldogs have a lot  of those type games this year, starting with the Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks the first two weeks. If he comes up big in those games, watch out.

Marquise Lee +1500– He may be very talented, but USC has a new QB and let’s face it, Lane Kiffin cannot coach.

De’Anthony Thomas +800– Without Chip Kelly, how good will the Ducks offense be? We don’t really know do we?

Jadaveon Clowney +1200– If the Heisman voters ever intend to give this thing to a defensive player, this would be the guy. He is an absolute beast on the defensive line. Just ask Michigan Wolverines running backs. Many are saying he would have been the first pick in last year’s draft had he been allowed to come out. Still, betting on a defensive player is a risky one.

Tajh Boyd +1500– The winner between Clemson and Georgia in the opening week will go a long way towards putting that quarterback in New York.

T. J. Yeldon +800– It never hurts to net on a player from the Alabama Crimson Tide, even though history shows they rarely win. At least you know your guy will be in some huge games.

A. J. McCarron +1400– If you want a Bama player, this is probably the guy you want. A Bama QB has never won it. That’s right. Joe Namath, Bart Starr, Ken Stabler, Scott Hunter, Richard Todd, Jeff Rutledge, Greg McElroy, John Parker Wilson, none of them walked away with a Heisman. The law of averages may catch up.

Teddy Bridgewater +800– The Louisville Cardinals schedule is so light, this may hurt him. “Teddy Ballgame” can rack up huge numbers but some will say he did it against nobody. They will have a point.

Jeff Driskel +4000- You want a longshot? How about a quarterback with a cannon arm and can also run like Manziel? One who actually beat Manziel a year ago?

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