How Does the Four Team Playoff Save Us From BCS Chaos?

After this past weekend, we are heading for yet another BCS bashing chaotic end to the season.  As usual, there are more teams (or fewer) deserving of a shot at the national championship than we have spots for. At some point expect to hear this: It’s a good thing we have playoffs coming soon so we won’t have this anymore.

Oh really? Then tell us what we’d have right now if we has a four team playoff. Let’s assume there are no more upsets this weekend. We would then go into conference championship weekend with Notre Dame undefeated with no games left to play. We would have Georgia playing Alabama in the SEC with the winner coming out with one loss. We would have the Florida-Florida State winner with one loss. We would have Oregon with one loss. We would have Kansas State with one loss, and we would have the Rutgers-Louisville winner coming out with one loss. That’s more than four by our count.

So who goes to the playoffs? It doesn’t matter. Because no matter who does, a one-loss team or two or maybe three gets left out. Here is how we think it would go down.

Notre Dame would be your #1 seed and would play the #4 which would likely be Oregon. Georgia-Alabama winner would be #2 and would probably get the Florida-Florida State winner.

But wait? What about Kansas State? K-State would probably be penalized for being blown out. Florida’s only loss was to Georgia in a close game. FSU’s was a nail biter to NC State. Oregon’s was in overtime to Stanford.

Alright, how about Rutgers and Louisville’s winner? Let’s face it, the Big East is weak. They’ll be penalized for it.

But wait a minute, Clemson is 10-1. What about them? Oh yeah. Forgot about Clemson. If they beat South Carolina and Florida State…oh wait, they don’t get to play FSU. They’re both in the same division. So FSU gets Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship game.  Oh, and by the way, Northern Illinois is also 10-1 if anyone cares. You see what we mean? There’s still chaos. Your four team playoff is not going to fix it. Sorry.

And the real truth is, there would be no chaos this year had Ohio State not gotten themselves into NCAA jail. We’d have to unbeaten teams in Notre Dame and the Buckeyes playing for the championship. What could be better than that? But with a four team playoff, let’s say the SEC champ gets in and the FSU-UF winner gets in. Who here thinks we wouldn’t get at least one upset in the semifinals? Anyone?

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