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NCAAF: Oregon versus Stanford Preview

The No.13 Stanford faces their biggest challenge thus far when they try to derail the Oregon’s perfect season and championship hopes this Saturday.

Sports analysts are calling for a close game and seem to be putting these two team on equal footing, which is a bit deceiving.  This game is going to come down to is if Stanford defense  is better than Oregon’s offense.  Stanford are not going to out do the Ducks astounding offense.

Barner doing what he does.

Oregon’s run team is one of the best in the nation.  They will destroy you by pounding the ball on the ground with Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas.  They also have been known to utilize both Barner and Thomas in screen pass plays for big gains.  They have combined put up over 1880 yards and have 26 combined touchdowns.

If any team can shut down Oregon’s run game, however, it is Stanford.  They are number one in sacks and tackles in the nation and if the Cardinals offensive line can get penetration and shut down Oregon’s run game and screen option it forces Oregon to pass the ball.

But as much as the Ducks offense gets characterized as being a run dominant team, they can pass the ball when they need to and they do it effectively.  Marcus Mariota is dangerous when throwing down the middle.  That is what happens when you have a good rushing game.  The rushing threat opens up the middle of the field.  Mariota has learned to use this to perfection and over the last two games he has hooked up with wide receiver Josh Huff and tight end Colt Lverla 15 times for seven touchdowns.

The lack of quarterback experience in Stanford has also got to be a concern.  This is only Kevin Hogan’s second game as a starter.  His inexperience showed last week against Oregon State when he threw two interceptions.  In most cases two interceptions is forgivable, but when you are playing against a team with a potent offense like Oregon you have to keep them off the field.  You cannot afford to make a mistake, because odds are Oregon will turn those mistakes into points.

If this game is going to be as close as the analysts and talking heads say it is the sports book around the net did not get that memo  BetOnline.com has Oregon as the favorites to win this game with a 20.5 point spread.

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