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NCAAB: A Preview of Thursday’s Games

Their are a ton of great college basketball games today but a handful of them really standout as must watches or must bets.

Tennessee versus North Carolina-Ashville

UT fans are excited about their basketball team this year and have some high expectations.  Their game today against North Carolina-Ashville should be an easy victory for UT and the odds ahve them pined as the 10.5 point favorites according to the point spread at BetOnline.com.

Tenessee should roll over North Carolina-Ashville but they need to remain more consistent this season and incorporate their new players into their game plan in order to ensure success into the future.  If they can remain consistent there is no reason why UT could not at the very least be one of the top 25 teams in the nation.

The money line for UT is at -564.  The money line for North Carolina-Ashville is at +450.  The game starts at 12:30 p.m. ET.

Alabama versus Oregon State

Alabama appears to be gearing up to be a major player this season.  They have picked up a couple of five start recruits and will be looking to make an impact not just in the SEC but nationally.  They’re game today against Oregon State is intriguing, because Oregon State should prove to be a challenge for this young Alabama team.

The odds in this game are extremely close.  Alabama is just the 2 point favorite according to the spread.  The money line for Alabama is at -130.  Oregon State’s money line is at +110, according to BetOnline.com.   This game will start at 7 p.m. ET.

Indiana versus Sam Houston State

Indiana is a team that most analysts are expecting to go all the way to the Final Four.  If Indiana hopes to win the big one this year then they will need to make some slight improvements from last year.  They will need to control the ball better in order to reduce turnovers. Kevin Ferrell is young but by all accounts he is ready to be a starter judging by the first two games he has played in.  Indiana needs to keep Ferrell in the game and bank on him being a huge star for this team.  Lastly, they will need to have improved on defense, which appears to be the case judging by the small two game sample thus far.

Indiana’s game today against Sam Houston State  should be an easy win for them.  The odds also agree.  Indiana has a -30.5 point spread.  The money line has yet to go up as of this writing, but I imagine you will need a substantial amount of capital to invest in Indiana to win this game.  The game starts at 10 p.m. ET.

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