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NCAAB Tuesday Preview

A handful of surprise losses  has turned the polls and NCAA Championship odds upside down.  Just goes to show that listening to the point spread may not always be a viable way in predicting games.  With the recent shake ups it makes every game a little more interesting.

Notre Dame versus Saint John’s

Notre Dame is currently on the fringe of the top 25 teams in the NCAA.  They are 14-2 and ranked 20 in the AP Poll.  A win against Saint John’s is unlikely to do much for their ranking but it will add another mark in the W column for the Fighting Irish.  In the long run, if we see some more surprise losses and Notre Dame keeps winning games they should win (like this one) their win-loss record could aid them in rising through the ranks.

Notre Dame are the 6 point favorites to win this game according to the spread.

Kentucky versus Tennessee

Kentucky is one of the teams that has fallen far since the start of the NCAA Basketball season.  They were once ranked number 3 in the nation and are now unranked.  The prospect of Kentucky missing the tournament is becoming the likely situation.  A loss to Texas A&M, barely coming away with a win against Vaderbilt and coming up short against their Blue Grass State rivals, Louisville has caused Kentucky to drop off the radar of those of us who are focused on the top 25.

It is not too late for Kentucky, though, and that is why every game is a huge one for them.

Both Tennessee and Kentucky are teams with a great basketball legacy but both are currently no where near the top 25.  Yet, this game is a big one for both these teams.  Tennessee is just looking to establish themselves as a major threat in the SEC division and getting an upset victory over Kentucky will go a long way in doing so.  Kentucky is looking to recover from their home loss to Texas A&M.  Both teams will be playing with a ton of heart in this one.

Kentucky is favored with a -13 point spread.

Wisconsin versus Indiana

If any game is going to give us another upset victory, I think this one has the best odds of doing so.  I am not trying to diminish the talent in Indiana.  They currently have the best odds of winning the NCAA Championship over at BetOnline.Com and are ranked number two in the nation according to the AP Poll.  They are in those positions for a reason.  That reason is they are an excellent basketball team.

However, Wisconsin and Indiana are tied in the rankings in the Big 10 division, both teams are 3-0 in the division, and this game will decide who has the glory of sitting atop one of the most competitive divisions in the NCAA.  Wisconsin is on the radar of the AP Poll and a win against Indiana could put them in the top 25.  Indiana who recently find themselves ranked number 2 could being the climb to number one with a win against their Big 10 rivals.

Wisconsin are huge underdogs in this game with a +11.5 point spread.

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