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NCAAF: Predicting A Couple of Blowouts in Week 10

We are late in the college football season and every game is high stakes.  Championships and spots in bowl games are on the line in every game that features contenders. Some teams are on fire, however, and will likely cover the spread in Week 10 and make some betters a lot of money.

Oregon vs. California

Oregon has been dominate this season.   Anytime Oregon steps on to a field they are usually the favorites to take the game.  Week 10 is not different as the 9-0 Ducks head to California who are 3-7.

California doe not look likely to go against the monster 28.5 point spread that favors Oregon especially considering that 5 of their 7 losses come from PAC 12 teams.  One of these PAC 12 losses came last week against the Washington Huskies.  Washington’s Bishop Sankey ran for 189 yards and two touchdowns over the shoddy California defense.

Oregon is going to have a field day with California’s defense.  Plus they are coming off a huge win against USC so they are riding a pretty big momentum wave into this game, not that they really need it, though.

A lot of things will have to come together for California in order for them to win this game.   They are going to have to defend against the ground game which they struggled to do against an inferior team to Oregon last week.  They will also have to give Oregon zero mistakes to capitalize on and simply hope Oregon does make a lot of mistakes which is unlikely.

As previously mentioned Oregon has a -28.5 point spread and will likely dominate California.

USC vs. Arizona State

USC’s Matt Barkley has watched his draft stock drop as he got off to a slow start this season.  His performance in his last three games, however, suggest that Barkley is heading into a late season resurgence that will likely make up some of his lost ground.  He threw 1,275 yards and 14 touchdowns over his last three.  500 hundred of those yards and five of those touchdowns come from a game against and Oregon defense that only gives up on average 23 points a game.  Despite USC’s loss to Oregon, Barkley had an incredibly impressive outing.

I predict that Barkley will continue its success into Week 10 against Arizona State.  The Trojans defense is going to have to tighten up, though, after allowing 101 points last two games it has played if they want to pick up the easy victory that Arizona State should be for the Trojans.

The Sun Devils have lost their last three games.  Their defense is giving up an average of 41 points per game.  If USC can get their defense together, Barkley and his wide receivers will take care of the rest.

USC have only a -9 point spread, but I think this team is beginning to pull it together and they will exert their dominance over Arizona State.


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