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Nets Grasping For Win Against Heat

Things are looking grim for the Brooklyn Nets in their series against the defending NBA champions the Miami Heat.

Deron Williams hit a wall in the last game, Kevin Garnett has barley gotten to the basket at all and other players on the team are not fairing much better against the Heat. Miami has done all this without LeBron James even contributing much.

The Nets are going to have to try and figure something out because if they lose tonight they will be on the brink of elimination.

The Heat, meanwhile, will be looking to break a franchise record eight consecutive playoff victories and are simply dissecting Brooklyn. They blew out the Nets in game one and beat them 94-82 in Game 2.

In Game 2, Williams is a player the Nets often rely on to get their offense going, but the Heat held him to shooting 0 for 9. Garnet went 2 for 8.

The Nets struggle is a bit baffling as during the regular season they beat the Heat four times.

We have a lot of confidence in ourselves. We just have to go home and defend our home court.

-Kevin Garnet

Perhaps a change of venue will change this series momentum, however, it may take more than just some screaming fans for the Nets to go over the playoffs-version of the Heat, which is clearly different than regular-season Heat.

The Heat, however, have a long history of taking at least one road game in every playoff series since Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade joined the team in 2010. If they beat Brooklyn tonight it will be 14 consecutive series with an away win.

If the Nets are eliminated it will be a huge disappointment. Brooklyn went through alot of trouble to secure Garnett and Paul Pierce to join Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. They built a team of veterans to win now, not later and if now passes Jason Kidd and the rest of the coaching staff will likely be blamed.

Another note that makes this game that much more important is that no NBA team has ever won a series after falling behind 3-0.

The game starts at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The Heat are the -2 point favorites according to the spread.

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