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New York Giants Continue To Fall

New York Giants Continue To Fall,Manning

The New York Giants lost to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday to go 0-3 on the season.  This is the first time the Giants have started a season at 0-3 since 1996 when they would go on to have a 6-10 season.

When the Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1, it was chalked up to some early season jitters.  Then, in Week 2 they lost to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  The Broncos are the favored team to win the Super Bowl according to most sports books and with good reason.  Anytime you are playing against Denver a loss is forgivable.  However, a loss to the Panthers is just startling.


It was not just that the Giants lost.  They lost bad.  The score was 38-0, in a game where Manning was sacked seven times.  Six of those sacks came in the first half of play.  Manning also faced tremendous pass pressure all game.  The Giants came into this game leading the NFL in passing offense.  However, the Panthers defense was able to hold Manning to just 119 yards in passing.  Most of those passing yards came when the game was well out of New York’s reach.

It was not just the Giant offensive line that had trouble.  The Giants were dominated in every aspect of the game.  The Giants defense allowed the Panthers to run the ball very well with  DeAngelo Williams picking up 120 yards on 23 carries.

There are a lot of losers with the Giants going 0-3.  Giatns fans, those who picked Eli Manning as their QB in fantasy football and those who put an early bet on the Giants to go to the Super Bowl.

New York Giants Continue To Fall, Victor Cruz

Only 25 of 119 yards passed went to Cruz much to the chagrin of those who have him on their fantasy football team.

The biggest losers, though, are the Giants as they bafflingly struggle to find an identity despite having talent.

Up next the Giants will be facing off against a surprisingly undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs have wins against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys under their belts and if the Giants cannot get it together the Chiefs will likely go 4-0 in Week 4.  Keep your eyes on BettingSports for a preview of that game later in the week.

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