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NFC East Division Race

Week 14 went nearly as I predicted last week.  I was one 1 for 3 in my picks.  An important note on my picks, though, is that they were not based on gut feelings, but are instead based on the football lines provided by Bovada.  I also stated that the Washington Redskins was the team with their backs against the wall, and they were the team that were going to have to get some upset wins in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.  That is exactly what the Redskins did.

In overtime, the Redskins defied the odds and my predictions and defeated the Baltimore Ravens in overtime.  If the rest of the season goes as predicted by Bovada’s football lines then here is what we are looking at come playoffs:


Dallas Cowboys versus

Steelers – Cowboys Lose

Saints – Cowboys Win

Redskins – Cowboys Win

Cowboys finish season 9-7

New York Giatns

Falcons – Giants Lose

Ravens – Giants Lose

Eagles – Giants Win

Giants finish 9-7

Redskins versus

Browns -Redskins Win

Eagles – Redskins Win

Cowboys – Redskins Lose (the odds are very close on this game)

Redskins finish season 9-7


According to the odds all three NFC teams will finish 9-7.  Their are some very important asides, however, outside of the betting odds that are worth discussion. 

The New York Giants could very easily upset the Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens.  The Falcons are coming off a 30-20 upset loss against the Carolina Panthers.  Since the Falcons have clinched their division and assured a playoff spot they are clearly lacking the intensity that led them to their 11-2 record.  The Ravens have not officially clinched their division, but have a comfortable two game lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Perhaps the Ravens are too comfortable as the Steelers could still go over in the division, but that is another discussion for another time.

Speaking of the Steelers, the Cowboys could very easily upset the Steelers and that will put them over the Redskins.  Unless of course the Redskins can upset the Cowboys in the final game of the season.

The Giants still have the best odds in the division to win the Super Bowl with 9/1 odds.  Both the Redskins and the Cowboys have 35/1 odds. 

In other words, the NFC East division race is going to come down to the wire in what is going to be the closest division race in recent NFL history.

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