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NFC East: Snyder Clout Keeps RG III, Tebow Cut

One of the most intriguing days of the NFL season is even before the regular season begins. That day is cut-down day when teams must lower their numbers to their final 53-man roster.

Often times the decisions are very surprising, as coaches have an idea of what their roster will be but trade possibilities, suspensions, injuries and poor play usually cause some adjustments.

Many thought there was a possibility that Robert Griffin III would be cut or possibly traded by the Washington Redskins. However, as much as there are members of the Redskins organization that would like to move RG III, the team’s owner Dan Snyder is firmly against it and stands by his man.

For just that reason, Washington will allow Griffin III to enter the season as the backup behind Kirk Cousins. RG III has a guaranteed contract of $3.27 million so moving him might be a tough thing to accomplish.

The Redskins have complete confidence in Cousins as they enter the season. They will stay with him as long as they are winning or as long as he is not the leading factor in their losses.

Most of the coaches in the NFL feel they can enter the regular season with just two quarterbacks on their roster and to some degree that mindset is what cost quarterback Tim Tebow his job with the Philadelphia Eagles.

With a trade on Friday that sent Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals, Chip Kelly the head coach for the Eagles had the luxury of keeping the southpaw quarterback on the roster, but Kelly decided on Saturday to cut Tebow.

There remains the possibility the Eagles will bring back Tebow before the season starts or after the first week of the season.

Dallas kept 11 defensive linemen on their roster following cut down day. The Cowboys could make additional moves due to needing a linebacker, running back and help on the offensive line.

The New York Giants cut veterans Jameel McClain and Henry Hynoski to keep less expensive options in their position. That gives the team some extra cash to try to find help at the safety position as well as on the offensive line.

With the start of the NFL season next Thursday teams will by busy during the early part of the week trying to fill in holes they have on their rosters. Of course, the roster will also change moving forward due to injuries and any possibly trades that could land strong players.

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