NFC East Sunday Preview

Let’s not waste any time.  Let’s dive directly into Sunday football with a preview of the NFC East games coming up.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens

Dallas Cowboys are coming out of a bye week.  Ideally they are now well rested and healthy and ready to to get their season back on track.  They currently sit at 2-2 and a win today against the Baltimore Ravens will give them a winning record and put some wind back into the Cowboys sails.

The Ravens are not going to be a team that the Cowboys can simply run over though.  The Ravens are currently 4-1 and with the eighth best offense in the NFL they are going to be a tough team to defend.

Also, the Ravens do not lose much at home.  They have won 30 home games since 2008, the most in the NFL.

The spread also favors the Ravens with -3.5.  The moneyline for the game as the Ravens at -180 and the Cowboys +150.  The over/under is 44.5 points.

New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are playing at there absolute best right now.  They are 4-1, they have the number one rushing attack in the NFL, the number two defense in the NFL, and are sixth in the league in over all offense.  The New York Giants have their work cut out for them in this game.

The Giants have been playing well, but not as well as they should be.  Eli Manning is passing well enough, but there defense has gotten off to a questionable start.  A questionable defense is not something you need going into a game against Frank Gore.

If the Giants defense is not able to stop the 49ers run game they will lost, plain and simple.  The Giants have be completely focused on shutting down Gore.

The point spread at has the Giants pegged as pretty big underdogs with +7.  The moneyline is +255 for the Giants and -305 for the 49ers.  The over/under is 46.5 points.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

This is a game the Philadelphia Eagles have to win, and they have to win it decisively.

The rumor to come out of the mill this morning is that if the Eagles do not make the playoffs then the Eagles will cut ties with Michael Vick.  This is a team that on the inside is in turmoil.

A big win against the Detroit Lions today will end some of that turmoil and settle down the sports analysts and talking heads (myself included) who have constantly criticized this team for simply being lucky.

The Eagles need to pass the ball and focus on the Lions weak secondary.  On defense they need to make sure the Lions do not establish the run.  Most importantly they need to win this game by more than one or two points.

The point spread for the Eagles is at -3.5, making them the favorites to win this game.  The moneyline has the Eagles at -190 and the Lions at +165.  The over/under is at 47.5 points.

Minnesota Vikings vs Washington Redskins

I’m not even going to try to hide it:  I love this Washington Redskins team.  I think they have a lot of work to do still and a lot of growing, but I think this team are future contenders.  They may even become major players this season.  A good start will be winning this game.

On the other side of the football in this game is the Minnesota Vikings.  This team has surprised everyone this year.  I am still a bit skeptical.  The only solid team the Vikings have defeated is the 49ers, an impressive win, but they also gave the Indianapolis Colts a win this season.  In other words, The Vikings have more football to play before I am convinced they are legit.  A win today is a good place to start.


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