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NFC East Superbowl Odds Week 6

Eagles' Michael Vick

I am of the opinion that the NFC East is and will be all season one of the most highly contested divisions in the NFL.  The division is filled with four power house teams that are all still contenders to take the division with just a couple of wins.  Special odds released today reveal the Super Bowl odds going into week six.  The odds paint a  very interesting picture especially in regard to the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl Odds

This Week                    Last Week

28/1                                 20/1

The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl odds continue to fall as they have consistently over the last few weeks as the book keepers and myself agree that it is just a matter of time before the Eagles luck runs out and their current winning record slips away.

The Eagles have just been getting by winning games by one or two points but after a close loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week and their increasingly consistent shoddy performances it is no surprise that the Eagles Super Bowl Odds are plummeting.

New York Giants

Super Bowl Odds

This Week                    Last Week

18/1                                 22/1

The Giants have continued to be very impressive this season and it shows as they are currently tied with the Eagles as the number one team in the NFC East based on win/loss record.  Their current 18/1  Super Bowl odds are also good enough to put them as the NFC East team most likely to win the Super Bowl heading into Week 6.

The Giants offense is what is leading this team to wins.  Eli Manning played pretty good this season. So far this year he has thrown for 1,579 yards with 10 touchdown passes.

Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl Odds

This Week                    Last Week

35/1                                 40/1

The hype machine behind the Dallas Cowboys every year is incredible.  At the beginning of every season sports pundits and talking heads constantly proclaim that this will be the year the Cowboys finally get it together and have a big season.  Yet, every year the Cowboys fizzle out and slip into mediocrity.

This football team has all the pieces in place but can never complete the puzzle.  Their odds improved from last week, which is strange considering they were in a bye week, but 35/1 odds to win the Super Bowl is sad, especially considering that the Cowboys had very good odds to win the big win at the beginning of the season.

Washington Redskins

Super Bowl Odds

This Week                    Last Week

75/1                                 150/1

I am very excited about the Washington Redskins.  This is a team that was at the very bottom of the Super Bowl odds list at the start of the season but has since began to climb their way up the ladder.  75/1 odds are not very good, admittedly, but this team’s Super Bowl Odds have increased from week to week and I would not be surprised to see them crack the top ten teams most likely to win the Super Bowl before the season ends.

They are currently at a deficit with a 2-3 record.  In Week 6 they will go up against the surprise of the season and very tough Minnesota Vikings.  If the Redskins can go over the Vikings there will be no doubt left in my mind that they are the real deal.

In a side note, RGIII has 5/4 odds to win the Rookie of the Year Award.  He is tied with Andrew Luck as the player most likely to take that coveted honor.


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