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NFC East Update: Who Will Take the Division?

The NFC East is the most contested division of the season.  Right now there is a three-way tie between the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys.

Here is the thing about the NFC East division, which ever teams fail to come out on top of this division is very likely to miss the playoffs.  The winner of the NFC East is guaranteed a spot in the post season, the other teams will likely finish with 9-8.  This record will not be good enough to secure a wild card spot if the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks keep winning.

In other words, winning the NFC East means everything for these three teams.

Looking at the updated odds over at Bovada we see two favorites emerge:  the Redskins and the Giants

The Giants are the favorites in the NFC East to win the Super Bowl.  There odds are 20/1.  The Redskins and the Cowboys are right behind the Giants, however.  The Cowboys have 30/1 odds to win the Super Bowl while the Redskins sit at a slightly better 28/1.

When we look at Bovada’s special props we find a group of teams that are on the edge of the playoffs.  They allow to bet on whether you think that team will make the playoffs.  The money lines for these special bets are telling.

The only NFC East team that is not considered an underdog based on the money lines is the Redskins.  The Redskins money line for making the playoffs is at -180.  The Giants money line to make the playoffs is at +120 and the Cowboys money line is at +170.

The Giants looked rough in a 34-0 loss against the Atlanta Falcons this past week.  The exciting thing about the NFC East is that it can likely come down to one game Week 17 when the Cowboys take on the Redskins.

If the Giants lose to the Baltimore Ravens this week it will put them at 8-7.   Both the Redskins and the Cowboys are the overwhelming favorites to win their Week 16 game.  The Redskins are the -4.5 favorites against the Eagles while the Cowboys are the -3 point favorites in their game against the Saints.  Meanwhile, the point spread for the Giants versus Ravens games only slightly favors the Giants with a -1 point spread.  The Giants could easily be defeated by the Ravens.

If the Giants are defeated and the Redskins and the Cowboys win their game, this would set up a showdown between the Cowboys and the Redskins with the NFC East championship up for grabs in Week 17.

Regardless, the expect some exciting football in the next couple weeks coming out of the NFC East.

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