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NFC South Early Preview

The New Orleans Saints  have a commanding lead in the NFC South, and they are also out in the front pack in the overall NFL standings for that matter.  However, there are still a couple of NFC South teams that still have playoff hopes and another team that is determined to play spoiler for the other teams in the NFC South.

Carolina Panthers versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Carolina Panthers currently have the worse win/loss record in the NFC South.  The Panthers currently sit at 2-7.  This week the Panthers will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who is the only other team with a winning record other than the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South. Their record stands at 5-4.

Cam Newton has struggled all season, dubbed his "sophomore slum."

The Buccaneers have a lot riding on this game.  The New Orleans Saints have got some win underneath their sails in the last couple of weeks and appear to be poising themselves for a 2011 New York Giants style come back.  The Buccaneers will want to keep one step ahead of the Saints by getting a win against the Panthers.

The Panthers on the other hand will do whatever they can to play spoiler.  Despite that their playoff hopes are all but dead the Panthers will by no means simply give up.  They will claw for every win they can get this season.  They are not going to allow the Buccaneers to simply roll over them.

According to BetOnline.com, the point spread is only 1 point with the Buccaneers as the slight favorites.  The money line is currently at -125 for the Panthers and +150 for the Buccaneers.  The over/under is at 48.  This is a risky game to bet on considering the close odds.

Arizona Cardinals versus Atlanta Falcons

The question going into the Arizona Cardinals versus Atlanta Falcons game is can the Cardinals upset the Falcons?

If they are going to upset the Falcons this is the week to do it.  The Falcons are coming off a loss to their bitter rivals the New Orleans Saints, so the Cardinals catch them in a vulnerable spot.  The Cardinals are also coming out of a bye week.  They will be well rested and ready to play hard.  If the Falcons are still carrying the burden of their loss to the Saints during this game we could see a huge upset victory for the Cardinals.

The point spread however heavily favors the Falcons with a +9.5 spread.  The money line for the Falcons -440 and +365 for the Cardinals.  The over/under is 44.  Again the odds come courtesy of BetOnline.com.

New Orleans Saints versus Oakland Raiders

The New Orleans Saints are excited heading into Week 11 as they will be going up against the 3-6 Oakland Raiders.  The Saints are coming off of wrecking the Falcon’s hope a perfect season and are in the middle of what appears to be a huge mid-season comeback for them.  The Saints, by all accounts, should continue their comeback against the Raiders.  The only spot that the Raiders trump the Saints is in defense, but Drew Brees more than makes up for that weak spot in his team.

The point spread favors the Saints with a 4.5 point spread.  The money line is -220 for the Saints.  The Raiders money line is at +190.  The over/under is at 54 points, the largest over/under of the week.


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