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NFL Betting: Lynch Vs. Peterson Odds

The regular season specials are focused on two returning running backs and the Lynch vs. Peterson odds are popular among bettors.

The Most Rushing Yards in 2017 has a line set at 275.5 with Lynch the favorites. What that means is that Lynch will have to outperform Peterson by 276 yards for bettors to go to the payout window. Peterson will be sharing the backfield with Mark Ingram, while Lynch will be the Raiders favorite back.

Meanwhile on TDs socred in 2017 seems to be favored toward Peterson. Peterson averages .78 touchdowns per game, while Lynch only average .58. Peterson specializes in finding the endzone, while Lynch moves the ball down the field. Peterson and Lynch are tied with -115 line.

As for attempts, Lynch should get more touches. He averaged 18.75 attempts per game over his career. Since Peterson is sharing the backfield, Lynch should get more touches.

The odds are pulled from Bovada.

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