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NFL Early MVP Odds Update

As the NFL season approaches the early odds for NFL MVP are sometimes inaccurate and will be wildly updated as the season progresses.  However, looking at the odds now those that top the list seem to be safe choices that fit the mold of a typical MVP.  The five players with the best odds of winning MVP this season at this point in time according to Bovada are all quarterbacks who play for Super Bowl-quality teams.

MVPODDSThree of the five quarterbacks on that list have already won MVP awards in the past.  Drew Brees is a veteran quarterback who many feel is due an MVP award and just needs to put together a good season to get the award.  Colin Kaepernick is the other player on that list he is favored to win.  He plays for a very good San Francisco 49ers team and had an explosive season last year.

All safe choices from Bovada.  However, Adrian Peterson showed us last year that you do not have to be on a Super Bowl team in order to win MVP.  The award could go to an underdog.

Peterson, himself, would not be considered too big of an underdog this year as Bovada has his odds of winning back-to-back MVP awards set at 15/1.  Traditionally the award goes to quarterback, but if the trend of the MVP award going to non-quarter back continues their are some solid underdog contenders for the award.

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson had an amazing season last year and arguable got overlooked for the MVP award.  Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yards record and fell just 36 yards short of 2000 receiving yards last season.  If Johnson has another explosive season he cannot be overlooked as MVP.

Another Johnson to look out for this year is running back Chris Johnson.  Some may have just rolled their eyes as Johnson has struggle as of late.  However,  the Tennessee Titans have gone through a lot of effort to repair their broken offensive line through draft picks and the free agency.  Johnson is still the fastest running back in the NFL and with a good O-line to set up blocks, he may be unstoppable.

Another player to keep an eye on this year as far as MVP goes is J.J. Watt, the defensive end with the Houston Texans.  Not since Lawrence Taylor in 1986 has a defensive player won MVP, but Watt a 33/1 chance at winning it according to Bovada.  Perhaps those odds should be higher.

Watt is a defensive monster.  Last season he became the first player to bet 16.5 sacks and tip 15 passes in a single season.  finished the regular season with 81 tackles), 20.5 sacks, 23 tackles for loss, 4 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and 16 passes defended.  The last stat is particularly impressive considering it is defensive backs that usually defend the pass.  However, considering that wasn’t good enough last year, Watt will need an even more impressive season this year.  It also will not hurt if the Texans make a Super Bowl appearance.

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