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NFL MVP Odds: Aaron Rodgers Tops List


The Green Bay Packers have findthemselves atop of the NFL Super Bowl odds and now quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on top of the 2015 NFL MVP odds.

Rodgers has +500 odds to get the MVP award in the 2015 season. Rodgers is universally considered among the top quarterbacks in the NFL and drug the Packers to a playoff run last year. This season with an improved defense and a somehow improved offense, the Rodgers could take the Packers all the way and pick up the MVP trophy in the process.

Behind Rodgers is Tom Brady.

You can check out the full odds below.

2015 NFL MVP Odds

Aaron Rodgers                  +500                                                                      

Andrew Luck                      +700                                                                      

Adrian Peterson               +1200                                                                   

J.J. Watt                               +1200                                                                   

Peyton Manning              +1600                                                                   

Drew Brees                        +2000                                                                   

Tom Brady                          +2000                                                                   

Russell Wilson                  +2000                                                                   

Jamaal Charles                  +2000                                                                   

Tony Romo                         +2500                                                                   

Ben Roethlisberger        +2000                                                                   

Eddie Lacy                           +2500                                                                   

Marshawn Lynch              +2500                                                                   

Le’Veon Bell                      +2000                                                                   

DeMarco Murray              +2500                                                                   

Dez Bryant                          +2500                                                                   

Odell Beckham                 +2500                                                                   

Calvin Johnson                 +2500                                                                   

Matthew Stafford            +4000                                                                   

Eli Manning                        +4000                                                                   

Philip Rivers                      +3300                                                                   

Cam Newton                     +5000                                                                   

Joe Flacco                           +4000                                                                   

Matt Ryan                           +4000                                                                   

Ryan Tannehill                  +4000                                                                   

Matt Forte                          +4000                                                                   

Jay Cutler                            +5000                                                                   

Sam Bradford                    +5000                                                                   

Colin Kaepernick             +5000                                                                   

Andy Dalton                       +5000                                                                   

Antonio Brown                 +5000                                                                   

Demaryius Thomas         +5000                                                                   

Julio Jones                          +5000

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