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NFL: NFC East Odds Update

We officially wrapped up Week 11 last night with a MNF shellacking as the San Francisco 49ers took it to the Chicago Bears.  We are, however, going to shift our focus to one of the most highly contested divisions in the NFL, the NFC East.  Let’s look at what happened to each NFC East team this week and examine the new Super Bowl odds.

Philadelphia Eagles

It was a good week for all the NFC East teams except for the Philadelphia Eagles. In the only NFC East rivalry game of the week the Eagles got schooled by RGIII and the Washington Redskins 31-6.  Much to the horror of Eagles fans simply getting rid of Michael Vick as the starter did not cure this teams ailments as Steve Foles had a decent start if you ignore his three fumbles and two interceptions.  He was also sacked four times showing that the Eagles have more than just a quarterback problem.

Do they Have a Chance?

No.  At best the Eagles will finish with an even record, but with the way they have been playing it seems their luck is all out and they are going to finish the season with a losing record and no playoff appearance.

Odds of making the Super Bowl  courtesy of Bovada:  350/1

New York Giants

The New York Giants are had a much needed bye week this week.  The team ideally has used the bye week to cope, analyze, and deal with their embarrassing loss against the Cincinnati Bengals, who have a losing record.

Do they Have a Chance?

Question marks now sincerely surround this team after losing to the Bengals.  The Giants, however, have a solid 6-4 record and currently lead their division in both their win-loss record and in having the best odds of winning the Super Bowl.  Their upcoming schedule is not going to be a walk in the park.  The rest of the Giants schedule is filled with some of the best teams in the NFL including the Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens.

This tough schedule leaves the NFC East wide open for the newly surging Cowboys and the unpredictable Redskins to potentially take the division and pick up a playoff spot.

Odds of making the Super Bowl  courtesy of Bovada:  14/1

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys fans are still hesitant to begin shouting “How ’bout them Cowboys” but they have to feel good that the team has now won two in a row and are right back in the playoff hunt.  They have pulled themselves out of the hole and now have an even record.   The Cowboys have had a history of being disappointing this seasoning, though.

Do they Have a Chance?

The teams that the Cowboys beat are not exactly good football teams.  One was a win against division rivals and the team that is last place in the division the Philadelphia Eagles and we have already discussed their problems.  The other team they beat was the 2-8 Cleavland Browns.  The have a fairly easy schedule ahead, however, with the only bumps in the road being the Redskins and Saints.  The Cowboys may make the playoffs yet, but when they get their it is unlikely they will go all the way.

Odds of making the Super Bowl  courtesy of Bovada:  28/1

Washington Redskins

Wow, is this team on again, off again.  When they are hot they are red hot and when they are not they are not.  This past week they were hot, but the week before that they were not.  This is team is wildly inconsistent.  Do not get me wrong I love this Redskins team and what it can eventually become.  They have laid the foundation of being a contender in the future as they will build a team around RGIII.  The question is will that future arrive this season.

Do they Have a Chance?

Hard to say.  As previously mentioned this team is inconsistent.  When they win they win big and look impressive, when they lose it really feels like they lose and play poorly despite what the score board might say about how close the game is.  They still have a chance of making the playoffs, but they have to play more consistently.

The rest of the Redskins has a handful of always tough division games ahead of them and a couple games that they will struggle in including a game against the Saints.  If the Redskins are going to go to the playoffs they are truly going to have to prove they are the best in their division by beating the other teams in their division.

Odds of making the Super Bowl  courtesy of Bovada:  200/1

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