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NFL Player Props: Saints Staying Grounded?

Fantasy football players know that picking up Drew Brees is a smart move. NFL player props bettors also know that Brees is a smart move. However, he looks like he may be getting grounded.

The props have Brees with 4,999.5  touchdown yards. His touchdown total is set at 33.5. Both stats are lower than they have been in previous seasons. However, even those numbers may be set a bit too high.

The Saints picked up Adrian Peterson and also held onto Mark Ingram and fullback John Kuhn, a sign that New Orleans could be shifting their focus to a ground game, which will consequently ground Brees.

The UNDER feels like the right bet to make with the  arrival of Peterson to New Orleans, but it is important to note that Peterson is a very good catcher out of the backfield as well for those looking to take a more risky NFL player props bet.


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