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NFL Preseason to End Tonight

While a lot of eyes will be on college sports tonight, who are playing games that actually matter at the moment, the NFL preseason will quietly come to a close.  We will now begin gear up for Week 1 of the NFL season starting next week on September 5.

Among some of the marquee games that will air on the NFL Network tonight are the New York Giants taking on the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers going head to head with the San Diego Chargers.  We could give you a run down on those games, the moneylines, etc.  But let’s be honest you do not really care about the preseason.  No one does

The top five betting lines over at Bovada are all college football games, and I would be willing to bet that it is the same on on all the other sportsbooks so let’s not kid ourselves.  What you are all really excited about is the fact that the official start of the season is only a week away, and it will feature a battle between budding rivals the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.

If you remember correctly it was the Ravens who knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs last year.  The Broncos are still pretty bitter about that whole thing.

Not only that but currently Joe Flacco’s face has been plastered all over the city of Denver as flyers and poster promoting the season opener feature the Ravens franchise QB.  Also, included in the promotion is a huge banner of Flacco right on the side of Sports Authority Field in Denver.

Needless to say, Bronco fans took to the internet to rage about this precieved slap in the face they feel they have gotten from the NFL, who are behind the promotion.  A petition is even up online to try and get the banner removed from the stadium.

We find the whole thing pretty humorous, and it definitely serves as part of the hype leading into the regular season.  Plus there is nothing like seeing a fresh rivalry to start the season.  Next Thursday cannot get here soon enough.

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