NFL Preseason Week 3 Preview

Week 3 of the NFL preseason is a popular week for bettors because typically Week 3 is when coaches like to see what their first string players can do. This means that we will see what teams are really going to be made of this season, as the teams will be out in full force on both sides on both sides of the field until at least the third quarter.

Week 3 of the preseason kicks off tonight with three games. The game with the most future implications is the one that pits the New England Patriots against the Carolina Panthers.

The line is an EVEN. Tom Brady continues to fight a four-game suspension in what most see as a futile effort and is expected to play a half of football. However, all eyes will really be on Jimmy Garoppolo as bettors attempt to see how to handicap the Pats when they play four Brady-less games to start the season.

The Tennessee Titans will play the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. Ken Wisenhunt has said he will not be playing his starters into the third, but they will still likely see a full-half of play.

While some will be watching Marcus Mariota to see what he can do with more time on the field, other will be watching backup Zach Mettenburger who has been impressive thus far in the preseason.

The Chiefs are -4 favorites in this game.

The Detroit Lions will also be -2 favorites against the Jacksonville Jaguars tonight.

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