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NFL Week 1: AFC North Fails to Record a Single Win


After Week 1 in the NFL every AFC North team remains on an even playing-field after every team in the division failed to get win this past week.  They are the only division in the NFL where a team does not have a win.

It is never good to start the season with a loss, as it is difficult to put losing an opening game behind you.  However, every team in the AFC North will face this challenge.

The Cleveland Browns were perhaps the least shocking ream to suffer a loss as they continue their trend from last year.  They recorded a 23-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

The Cincinnati Bengals lost a hard fought game against the Chicago Bears, 21-24.  Despite the loss, Bengals fans can rejoice in the fact that the team looked good losing.  The Bears had to rally back to win the game, and Andy Dalton and AJ Green look like they are going to be a duo to be reckoned with this season.  Unfortunately, the Bears defense did get the best of Dalton and Green a couple of times forcing Dalton into a pair of interceptions, one of which ended in a score.  However, the loss can be placed more on the Bengals defense than their offense.


The most shocking loss of the week in the AFC North is the Tennessee Titans defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers, 16-9.  A lot has been made of the Titans new offensive line set-up, but it was their defense that got the job done in this game.  Gregg Williams’ (new assistant head coach on defense) presence was definitely felt as they got into the backfield all day against the Steelers.  Titans offense did show off a bit though, as Johnson ran the ball for 70 yards.  Johnson’s yardage came in mostly short spurts in order to chew up the clock.

By now, the Baltimore Ravens 27-49 loss to the Denver Broncos has been analyzed to death considering it took place last Thursday.  I will say this, though, this Ravens teams is clearly feeling the loss of the guys who departed from their defense this offseason.

Looking at the odds, the Bengals are the team with the best chance of winning the entire AFC division over at Bovada with 9/1 odds.  Behind them are the Ravens with 14/1 odds.  The Steelers have 22/1 odds, while the Browns have a lot to prove to bookmakers with 66/1 odds.

The AFC North is still wide open, waiting for a team to emerge as leader of the pack.  Who will you put your money on?

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