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NFL: Whose Odds Have Shifted Since Opening

Football season starts in roughly two months. There has not been too many surprises since draft time, but the future odds have been shaken up somewhat by a few events since the futures opened the day after the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks for the NFL Championship.

The Seahawks have stood pretty firm atop the odds, while the defending Super Bowl Champions saw their odds shaken up in the aftermath following Tom Brady’s suspension. It has since been adjusted though back to near the top (third to be exact) after reports of Roger Goodell considering a lighter punishment for Brady. The Pats odds sit at 7-1.

Joining the Seahawks on top is the Green Bay Packers. They are now 5-1, tied with the Seahawks.

The Indianapolis Colts have moved from 12-1 odds to 7-1 odds.

The Denver Broncos have shifted form 8-1 to 12-1 after starting near the top, but as the media is again beginning to question whether Peyton Manning still has “it,” so do bettors. The Dallas Cowboys have also moved to 12-1, mostly driven by fan support.

There are a slew of teams in the middle of the pack from the Chicago Bears to the New York Jets. The biggest surprise in that field is the New Orleans Saints who, after two consecutive seasons struggling, have lost the support of the early odds.

Drafting a star quarterback did not do anything for the Tennessee Titans odds.  They sit near the bottom of the barrell.

Odds courtesy of Bovada.

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