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49ers always made sense for Richard Sherman

Sometimes, it’s comfort that leads us to make our decisions. In the case of Richard Sherman, that has very well been the case.

After being officially released by the Seattle Seahawks on Friday afternoon, the former All-Pro cornerback began his free agency tour — which turned into a one-stop trip — by meeting with the San Francisco 49ers down in Santa Clara.

For Sherman, the fit is terrific on a multitude of levels. For one, Sherman went to Stanford, which is basically a stone’s throw from where the 49ers play. Second, Sherman grew up in Compton, Calif., making this a nice way to stay close to home as his career goes into Act Two. Third, San Francisco happens to play in the same division as Seattle, giving Sherman a bi-annual chance to remind the Seahawks what they willingly gave up on.

San Francisco should be thrilled that Sherman is coming to town for more than the obvious reason. While it is a great get in terms of on-field upgrade, the Super Bowl champion is showing plenty of confidence in the program by making the 49ers his destination. On the eve of free agency, it sends a strong message that San Francisco is a good place to have on the radar.

While the Los Angeles Rams are the new king of the NFC West, the 49ers might be quickly approaching. General manager John Lynch has been very aggressive over his first year on the job, including moving all over the 2017 NFL Draft. During last season, Lynch snagged Jimmy Garoppolo for s second-round pick from the New England Patriots and then signed him to the biggest deal in NFL history, totaling a potential value of $137.5 million.

The addition of Sherman doesn’t put the 49ers ahead of the Rams. After all, Los Angeles won 11 games in 2017,while San Francisco is 6-10. Still, the 49ers won five consecutive games to end the campaign with Garoppolo at the helm, and Lynch is preparing to strike in the coming weeks with more than $70 million in cap space (prior to the Sherman deal).

In the short-term, Sherman gives San Francisco both an elite corner and credibility. In the long-term, the 49ers are sending a message that they mean business, showing so in both the front office and on the field.

And as for Sherman, it’s the perfect landing spot. The 49ers are a young team on the rise, much as Seattle was when he first went there in 2011 as a fifth-round draft choice. San Francisco needed a strong veteran to show the way, preferably one that still had some juice.

It got all that and more in Richard Sherman.

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