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Bears at Cowboys on MNF

What kind of excitement will we get on this Monday Night game. The last two MNF games have been really interesting, if not artistic. Two weeks ago we saw Peyton Manning get picked three times in the first quarter but keep his team in the game until the very end against the Atlanta Falcons. Then what we saw last week between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks was just mind-boggling.

This week we get the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys from Jerry Jones’ Palace in Arlington. These two teams could switch uniforms and nobody would know the difference. Both are 2-1. Both look really good one week and really awful the next. Both have quarterbacks that look really good one week and terrible another. Both have a team capable of making a deep playoff run, or not make the post season at all. They can thrill their fans one week and infuriate them the next week. Tony Romo is among the league’s best. But at Dallas, until you win a Super Bowl, you’re Danny White. Chicago’s Jay Cutler is also very talented, but appears to be one of those people who just rubs folks the wrong way.

The Cowboys started the season off getting a surprise win over the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants on the night they got their rings. Nobody thought they would win that one. Then the next week they got mugged against the Seahawks 27-10 in a game everyone thought they’d win. They finally did what they were supposed to a week ago when they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16-10.

The Bears throttled the Indianapolis Colts 41-21 in their opener. They felt so good about themselves, Cutler took it upon himself to talk a little trash before their next game in Green Bay. Then they went out and laid an egg, losing 23-10. Al next week it was about how Cutler was yelling at his teammates and shoving them and so forth. It looked like the Bears might implode. But they came back ad whipped the St. Louis Rams 23-6 last week.

So this is a big game for both teams. A loss could send one of these two mercurial teams spiraling into mediocrity. A win could catapult them into a run toward a division title and some home cooking in the playoffs.

Sportsbetting has the Bears +3 +100 or +155 straight up. The Cowboys are -3 -125 or -175 straight up. Over/under on the game is 41.5. We like the Bears in this one straight up. Why? Because this game is really one where you just flip a coin. Nothing would be a surprise in this one. It could be a nail biter that either could win. Or it could be a blowout either way. So you may as well place whichever bet has the best payout and that’s Chicago straight up.

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