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Best Ravens Prop Bets for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest betting sporting event on the calendar. Not only is it for the championship of the biggest professional sports league in the United States and maybe the world, it is the biggest annual sporting event. Super Bowl Sunday is almost a national holiday in the USA and it is also the biggest day on the sports betting calendar. Many people place “Prop Bets” on this game who do not place these kinds of bets all year. If you are inclined to take a chance and place some props on the Ravens, here are some of our favorites on TopBet:

What will Joe Flacco throw first? Touchdown – 200 or Interception +160. In the playoffs, Flacco has 8 touchdowns and no picks. Does that mean he is due for a bad one?

Flacco’s first pass will be? Complete -180 or  Incomplete or Intercepted +150. His playoff completion percentage is 55%.

Ray Rice first rushing attempt? Over 3.5 EVEN or Under 3.5 -130. His average yards per carry in the playoffs is 3.9.

Anquan Boldin yardage of first pass reception? Over 11.5 -110 or Over 11.5 -120. He is averaging 17.3 yards per catch in the playoffs.

Torrey Smith yardage of first pass reception? Over 13.5 -120 or Under 13.5 -110. Smith is averaging 22 yards per catch in the playoffs.

Team with first quarterback sack? Ravens -105  or49ers -125. Flacco is a more stationery target than the fleet footed Colin Kaepernick.

How will game’s first points be scored? Ravens touchdown pass +500, Ravens touchdown run +600, Ravens any other touchdown +1800, Ravens field goal +350, Ravens safety +6,000. 49ers touchdown pass +400, 49ers touchdown run +400, 49ers any other touchdown +1600, 49ers field goal +350, 49ers safety +5500. Remember that the Ravens allowed the Denver Broncos to return two kicks for touchdowns in their playoff game. Also, the first score of last year’s Super Bowl was a safety. The odds of it happening two years in a row have to be astronomical.

So, you have some of our favorite ravens props and some stats to help you choose wisely. Go out and make some money and have a Happy Super Sunday!

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