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Brady Hits 50,000-yard Mark

In the Sunday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals, Tom Brady became the sixth player to hit the 50,000-yard mark. He joins a club that also consists of Manning, Favre, Brees and Elway.

While that was an outstanding accomplishment, there is some tension going on in the Patriots program that has become noticeable on the field – a major issue for the franchise.

The Patriots won 43-17 and Brady is refuting that there are any issues going on between him and the coaching staff. While the score could back up his cause, there are still rumors floating around. The Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era of coach-player relationship is one of a kind. The two have been together for more than 14 years and brought the Patriots three Super Bowl wins. The two also have three Coach of the Year awards and two MVPs. But Brady’s performance hasn’t been on par with his normal capabilities so far this season.

Gronkowski has been a loud voice in also backing up Brady’s claims that there aren’t issues going on within the program. Tough weeks can bring out a lot of criticism in the NFL but the Patriots, and Gronkowski, didn’t let that become a distraction in their game against the Bengals.

Anyone can start the season off shaky – potentially a big underlying factor behind all of the criticism towards Brady as the quarterback is usually the first one to get tossed into the ring of unhappy fans. After the win against Cincinnati, the pitch forks should be lowered a little bit, for now.

Brady intends to stay in New England for four to five more years. Hopefully his performance steps up to prove that and hopefully he can get on the same page as the coaching staff.

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