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Broncos rookie Drew Lock claims Joe Flacco has taught him ‘a lot so far’

Over the last several days, there has been much attention being paid toward the comments made by Denver Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco stating that he wouldn’t help rookie Drew Lock.

This has seen much public backlash directed toward Flacco for his statement. Instead, Lock has voiced that the former Super Bowl MVP has been helping him along with adjusting to playing at the next level, according to ESPN.

“He’s taught me a lot so far,” Lock told TMZ. “He’s dealing with winning football games, I’m dealing with trying to learn. … We’re in the same quarterback room. He’s been great to me.”

This may have simply come off as Flacco making a strong stance in regards to his competitive nature. Given what happened this past year with the Baltimore Ravens that saw Lamar Jackson overtake him as the starter likely made him touchy on the subject matter.

Nonetheless, his interactions with Lock have been positive that have aided him getting acclimated toward being in the NFL. Flacco will be the primary example that he will base his learning on how to handle playing at this level as the 34-year-old has plenty of experience of both the ups and downs that can be crucial in helping the rookie’s development.

It is clear that Flacco is the short-term answer at the position with Lock being the long-term play for the franchise. If anything, this shows that the NFL is more of a business with the competition fueling it entirely that could push him to adjust faster to the NFL.

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