Drew Lock, Broncos

Broncos rookie Drew Lock ‘not a quarterback yet’ say coach Vic Fangio

In this year’s draft, there were several quarterbacks taken early in the draft for teams looking for long-term fixes at the position.

Among those was the Denver Broncos as their front office decided to take former Missouri quarterback Drew Lock with the 42nd overall pick in the second round of this year’s draft. Although the team has been high on his future prospects, head coach Vic Fangio has voiced that there is still plenty of development needed for Lock to become a bonafide NFL quarterback, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

“He’s not a quarterback yet,” Fangio said. “He’s a hard-throwing pitcher who doesn’t know how to pitch yet.”

Lock is heading into the league with the reputation for being a quarterback with a strong arm. However, this has led to some concern about his ability to make the necessary throws at the next level with accuracy. This will play a big part in his transition to the next level.

This is something that Fangio has quickly become keenly aware of at this point early in Lock’s development. At the same time, the 22-year-old should have time to develop behind offseason addition Joe Flacco, who is expected to step in as the starter for at least the 2019 season.

It should give Lock time to work on developing into a skilled quarterback beyond his strong arm. This will be an asset for him as he progresses along, but it’s something that the team is hoping he can only utilize when necessary during games.

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