Bradley Chubb, Broncos

Broncos star Bradley Chubb talks about being in an empty training room

The concern over the coronavirus has altered the entire landscape of sport over the last few months. That has pushed the NFL into a highly precautionary state where things have become significantly limited.

One of them has been the way they have approached players working out this off-season as they have only begun to let players get workouts at the practice facility. Denver Broncos defensive end Bradley Chubb recently discussed the situation by stating it was quite strange to work out alone in the team practice facility, according to Jeff Legwold of ESPN.

“It was weird, just very quiet,” Chubb said. “And it was some days people didn’t feel like talking it would be a quiet room, just working out in a quiet room. We did a good job trying to make sure we had that same energy every day in training room, but it definitely wore on you seeing the same people over and over and doing the same thing over and over.”

That is the new norm for the time being that Chubb and many other NFL players will have to get used to until it’s deemed safe to move forward. The league continues to abide by what medical professionals believe is the appropriate route to go at this time.

The NFL is hoping to get the 2020 season off without a hitch, but there is a possibility of a delay. That is something that is out of their control, but the league will exercise all their options before having to take any additional actions.

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