Russell Wilson, Broncos

Broncos star Jerry Jeudy sticks up for teammate Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson’s first season with the Denver Broncos has become nothing short of a disaster.

Much of this has seen the conversation shift toward Wilson’s leadership ability and connection with his teammates. The former Pro Bowl quarterback has had his name dragged through the mud well beyond the Broncos’ struggles on the field.

The latest discussion regards rumors around a report that Wilson has his own office and parking space at the Broncos’ practice facility. Wide receiver Jerry Jeudy has spoken out against the chatter, voicing that it’s false while backing his quarterback.

“I’m just tired of reading things about my boy, making it seem like he’s not a good teammate.” Jeudy said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “Other unnecessary stuff that’s not true and I just wanted to get it out in the air that he is a good teammate and he is a hard-working teammate. I just feel like I needed to get that out there because there’s a lot of false narratives out there.”

Throughout much of the 2022 season, Wilson has become the target of all criticism. The Broncos’ shortcomings have made it easier to place the blame on him for their struggles, while his quarks on and off the field have become even more scrutinized.

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Denver is hoping to end the regular season on an encouraging note and turn the page toward bouncing back in 2023. All that will start with finding the right head coach to help move the team toward playoff contention and much more.

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