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Cam Newton opens up about how he was released by the Patriots

Less than two weeks before the 2021 season, the New England Patriots made the surprising move to release Cam Newton.

The three-time Pro Bowler was projected to be the starter, but the sudden release elevated rookie Mac Jones to that spot. In a Youtube video released on Friday, Newton voiced that the move took him completely by surprise.

At the same time, he noticed things began to shift after his COVID-19 protocol “misunderstanding” that forced him to miss five days.

“During that time, I started seeing signs of change. … Do I think this would have happened without me being away from the team for five days?” Newton said via ESPN. “Honestly, yes. It was going to happen. Did it help ease the decision? Yes.”

The 32-year-old voiced that he would have been willing to take up the backup role to Jones if the Patriots wanted that. The former league MVP also stated that he believes the Alabama product may not have been entirely on board with being Newton’s backup.

“Let me be honest with you. If they would have asked me, ‘Cam, we’re going to give the team to Mac, you’re going to be second string; we expect you to be everything and some to guide him throughout this tenure,’ I would have said, ‘Absolutely,'” Newton said. “But listen, the truth of the matter is this: He would have been uncomfortable.”

Through it all, Newton finds himself without a job with Week 1 action days away. His next landing spot will more than likely require him to take up a backup role.

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He’s more than talented to garner another opportunity. It’s up to him to accept a backup position with another team.

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