Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Cardinals rookie Kyler Murray doesn’t doubt Kliff Kingsbury will work in the NFL

Heading into his first season as an NFL head coach, Kliff Kingsbury has a major task in front of him with the Arizona Cardinals as he’s centering the offense around a rookie quarterback.

This has involved mixing in a lot of schemes and play calls that stem from the collegiate level to make the transition easier. In response to this move, Kingsbury has voiced a great deal of confidence that operating in this manner with Murray will lead to plenty of success at the next level, according to Josh Weinfuss of ESPN.

“I don’t see why everybody thinks that it can’t be successful,” Murray said. “It’s just like any other offense. It’s an offense. We work at it, we practice it and it’s our job to execute it. If we don’t, then it won’t be successful but if we do, like I said, it works at the college level. I don’t see how it couldn’t work at the pro level.”

It is something that other teams have done to some degree over the last couple of years, such as the Cleveland Browns with Baker Mayfield and the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson. This is a method in order to best utilize their quarterback’s skill set.

Murray looks to be a uniquely talented player who can impact the game with his legs and arm. This may also lead to simpler play calls that are based on him making quicker decisions in order to effectively move the ball down the field.

It is still early in the process, but it is clear that Kingsbury and the Cardinals are fully committed and confident in this process.

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