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Chiefs QB Alex Smith admits not knowing ‘what’s going to happen’ in Kansas City

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been a consistently solid team in the AFC ever since the duo of quarterback Alex Smith and head coach Andy Reid joined forces. Although the Chiefs have always been a good team and in the playoff hunt, Kansas City never seems to get over the hump, and now they’ve got a promising young quarterback waiting for his shot in Patrick Mahomes.

With the team drafting a Mahomes last year, Smith knew his days in Kansas City was likely numbered. The Chiefs brass indirectly signaled the end of his time with the team and now entering the offseason the veteran admits he’s not sure what will happen, via Terez A. Paylor of The Kansas City Star.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of speculation out there on what’s going to happen, what could happen,” Smith said. “I don’t think anybody totally knows.”

Rumors surfaced heading into the NFL playoffs that the Chiefs were open to trading Smith if the right deal came around. The team may be standing firm on the stance moving forward. Plenty of teams around the NFL could use a quarterback of Smith’s caliber and experience.

Reid continues to be in Smith’s corner regardless of all the speculation swirling around the Chiefs, via Paylor.

“He finished up (as) the No. 1 quarterback in the National Football League as far as quarterback ratings go, but he was, even more than that, a tremendous leader on our team this year,” Reid said. “I just thought everything came together for him. I just that it’s a credit to him and his work ethic, his ability to shut out all the noise and to play. And so I really appreciate that from him every day, and I love him for that.”

It remains to be seen if the Chiefs ultimately decide to move in a different direction with Smith on the trading block, but the writing does seem to be on the wall in Kansas City with Mahomes being groomed to take over sooner rather than later.

If the change does happen before 2018, the odds for the Chiefs winning it all or even being playoff bound may take a considerable hit with an unproven quarterback under center.

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