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Cowboys legend Michael Irvin isn’t happy about Terrell Owens’ Hall of Fame distraction

In the weeks leading up to the 2018 Pro Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony, there was talk surrounding Terrell Owens. The discussion centred around his decision to hold his own personal speech at his alma mater.

It didn’t take long for the Pro Football Hall of Fame to respond. He made the choice to not acknowledge Owens at all during the weekend.  This is a move that Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has voiced that he agrees with the move that was made in regards to the 44-year-old, according to Todd Archer of ESPN.


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“We can’t spend this moment for all these other guys talking about the guy that is not here,” the Hall of Fame wide receiver said Saturday at the National Fantasy Football Convention. “You cannot do that and take that away. He’s doing his own thing wherever he’s doing his own thing, and God bless him. And when they mention the class they’ll mention him, but why should you steal those other guys’ moment because of the decision of this one?

“I think it’s the right move. They’re not saying he’s not going to have a bust in the room, they’re not saying he’s not getting his jacket. They’re saying, ‘We’re honoring his wish. He doesn’t want to be here with us, we’re going to mention him as little as possible.’ I think it’s the right move.”


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There have been several other Hall of Famer that have voiced a similar sentiment about the situation. It has lied with the notion that Owens is drawing attention away from the other inductees in this year’s class. Guys such as Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis, and Brian Dawkins were also there, among others.

Despite all this noise, Owens has stuck to his plan of holding his own ceremony away from Canton, Ohio. It’s the first time that any inductee has chosen that route with their Hall of Fame induction process.

The closer the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend draws the more criticism that could be tossed Terrell Owens way for choosing to not be a part of the ceremony.

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