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Cowboys Sign Alfred Morris with Elliott Holding Out

The Dallas Cowboys announced on Monday night they would sign veteran running back Alfred Morris due to Ezekiel Elliott holding out for a new contract extension.

Sources said that Elliott was on his way to Cabo as the team held its first practice in pads on Tuesday. While suspended during 2017, Elliott went to Cabo. Team officials are having talks with Elliott’s agent related to a contract extension, and proposals have been swapped, but sources have said a deal is not close at this time.


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Alfred Morris was with Dallas in 2016 and 2017 while last season he played for the San Francisco 49ers. While with the Cowboys, Alfred Morris rushed for 790 yards with three touchdowns. He played in place of Elliott in 2017.

With Elliott holding out, the Cowboys started camp with only one tailback that has a carry during a regular-season game. In last season’s final regular season game, Darius Jackson carried the ball six times for 16 yards and has taken the majority of snaps the first few days of practice with the first team.

The Cowboys have 2019 fourth round pick Tony Pollard and seventh round pick Mike Weber in camp. Jordan Chunn, who last season was on their practice squad, is also in camp.


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Elliott is on the team’s reserve/did not report list; therefore Dallas will not have to make a roster move in order to sign Morris.

Dallas can fine Elliott $40,000 for each day he is not in camp and after six missed days, the Cowboys are eligible to take 15% of the prorated portion of Elliott’s signing bonus from 2016, which is approximately $613,000. Every day following that, the Cowboys can add 1% until they reach 25%. If Elliott is not in camp by August 6, he will not be eligible for an accrued season toward becoming a free agent.

Currently, Elliott has a contract through the end of the 2020 season, with Dallas picking up his fifth-year option of $9.09 million.

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