Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys star Dak Prescott reacts to Ezekiel Elliott being released

After falling short in the playoffs for the second straight year, the Dallas Cowboys are hoping to get over the hump in 2023.

That has led to significant changes in hopes of jumpstarting the franchise toward the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl. It has seen the departure of longtime offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and running back Ezekiel Elliott.


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In light of those moves, quarterback Dak Prescott is ready to take on the challenges that will lie ahead.

“It’s tough to say it’s sweet right now honestly. That’s just what those guys mean to me. You know what I mean?” Prescott said after an event for the Children’s Cancer Fund, which he serves as co-chair with Troy Aikman via ESPN. “You (make) these relationships and that’s what makes you play the way you do, are the relationships you build within the organization and within your team. Whether it’s with the coaches or whether it’s with teammates. I know the sweet is coming. I know it’s coming. Very optimistic guy, don’t get me wrong. Change is good as I’ve always said that but it’s tough for me to see in this moment. But I know it’s coming and excited when it does.”

Prescott will have increased pressure to guide the Cowboys toward Super Bowl contention, especially as he heads into the third year of his four-year, $160 million deal.

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Dallas has full confidence in him to lead the offense, but that will come with mounting expectations that he can be the key piece to the puzzle.

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