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Dak Prescott reacts to Cowboys trading for Trey Lance

The Dallas Cowboys made a surprising move over the weekend, which many felt directly impacted veteran quarterback Dak Prescott and his future with the storied NFL franchise.

In a move that took everyone by surprise, the Cowboys decided to make a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to acquire former first-round pick Trey Lance. Obviously, this was a strange move, with the team reportedly in contract extension talks with Prescott, but they made the move anyway.

Prescott reacted to the move after the trade became official, saying the following via ESPN.

“I can’t say that I necessarily expected [a heads-up], no,” Prescott said. “I understand though that that’s business. I understand that they’re probably on a timeline, they need to get something done. He felt like that strengthened this team and, yeah, ready to welcome [Lance] and, yeah, I mean knowing the strength of the quarterback room that we have. Honestly right now, my heart and my mind is with Will. So it’s a tough situation, honestly. Love that guy to death over there. Plays his ass off, comes in, prepares the right way each and every day.”

Although Lance wasn’t brought in to take Prescott’s job right away, it is a bit puzzling with Will Grier seeming like a formidable backup and the move seemingly being a bit unnecessary, especially with all the talk swirling around the team about Prescott’s relationship with his teammates.

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However, the move has been made, and now the team has to deal with having another distraction in the quarterback room as this team tries to compete for a Super Bowl title.

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