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Devin McCourty refutes Cassius Marsh’s comments about Patriots culture

Throughout much of the New England Patriots’ sustained success over nearly the last two decades has established a strong culture and prestige around the league. However, there has also been the sticking notion over the last several years that players don’t necessarily have “fun” with the entire process that goes with preparation part of it.

This was put further into the spotlight after former Patriots defensive end Cassius Marsh stated that same sentiment about that type of environment being around the team. In response to that, veteran defensive back Devin McCourty had a strong stance about it, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN.

“I’m always having fun, but I get it. Cassius had a frustrating time here. I didn’t think he would get released here and say New England was the time of his life. He can’t wait to try to come back some day,” Patriots captain Devin McCourty said after Thursday’s organized team activities.

“I think every experience for everyone, no matter what, is different. … You look at it, a team that beat us in the Super Bowl and you have guys [on their team] who are talking about it, so it’s front-page news. Cassius leaves, he played here, so that’s another one.

There is clearly some pushback around the league toward the Patriots that has grown over how they have maintained their success. It is a system that hasn’t always worked out all the players that have played there with the varying response from prominent past and present stars.

This has also caught attention once again with Tom Brady recently voicing in his documentary that he doesn’t truly feel appreciated. It is a demanding culture and system in place in New England that also doesn’t appear to necessarily make players feel truly valued beyond there production on the field.

Nonetheless, there could be much more chatter to come on this front if things are to get rocky once again with the Patriots next season.

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