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Dolphins clearly ready to move on from Tua Tagovailoa

The Miami Dolphins are benig connected once again to Deshaun Watson, and it’s not good news for Tua Tagovailoa.

No amount of public support for Tua Tagovailoa is going to make the noise go away for the Miami Dolphins.

Nothing short of saying Tagovailoa is absolutely staying now and into the future.

And so far, the Dolphins aren’t willing to make such a declaration. While head coach Brian Flores has praised Tagovailoa in press conferences, the team remains connected to rumors about acquiring Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who faces 22 civil suits for allegations of sexual assault. Watson, who is eligible to play but hasn’t been active for one game in Houston this year, has continuously come up as a topic around Miami’s turbulent quarterback situation.


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Currently, Flores is trying to downplay the situation by talking up Tagovailoa, who must be having a crisis of confidence with the rumors. Per

“I think his preparation, the way he practices and the way he performs has been good. I thought he played very well last week. He was out for a couple games, a few games, and he came back and played very well last week. So, I think his psyche is in a good place. He’s a confident kid, he’s a tough kid. Really, he’s played in two games this year, so he should have a lot of confidence in the way he’s played. We have a lot of confidence in him because of the way he’s played. Our focus is on Atlanta and for him to play well again.”

With the NFL trade deadline on Nov. 2, the Dolphins are faced with a choice. At 1-5, the season appears on the brink of being finished. Miami doesn’t have its own first-round pick — traded to the Philadelphia Eagles last spring — but does have San Francisco’s as part of the deal which the Niners used to select Trey Lance.


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Does Miami take a massive gamble by trading a bevy of draft picks for Watson over the next 10 days, or does it ride with Tagovailoa for the remainder of the season? If it’s the former, we’re going to find out shortly. If it’s the latter, the Dolphins can find out more data on their No. 5 overall pick from a year ago over the final two months of the campaign before trying to upgrade — should it be necessary — come free agency, trade possibilities and the draft.

Nothing has gone right for the Dolphins this season, and the continuous rumors aren’t helping.

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