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Drew Brees talks about his future with the New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees, Saints

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The New Orleans Saints lost to the Minnesota Vikings in the division round of the NFL playoffs this past weekend. Superstar quarterback Drew Brees saw the opportunity to win a second Super Bowl title with New Orleans slip away. Now his focus is securing his future in the league.

Anything can happen moving forward as the Saints are unable to franchise tag Brees. However, the veteran quarterback has no intention of leaving the team now that his contract has expired. Brees will hit the free-agent market in March, but he’s not planning on entertaining offers from other NFL teams, via ESPN’s Mike Triplett.

“I’m not in the mood to make anything secretive,” Brees said with a laugh when asked about being chased down by the media for months with questions about his contract. “It’s the same way I felt two days ago. It’s the same way I felt 12 years ago. That is that I’ll be here as long as they’ll have me, hopefully.”

Clearly, Brees wants to stay put in New Orleans and finish his Hall-of-Fame-caliber career with the Saints. The question is whether the organization feels the same way with other intriguing and younger options like Kirk Cousins there for the taking.


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Fortunately for Brees, he’s still playing at a very high level and he’s got a lot of talent around him. Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas give Brees the weapons to continue being successful in New Orleans.

With the Saints having the opportunity to keep this team intact while potentially adding other weapons, New Orleans could be a serious threat in the NFC once again next season.

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