Nick Foles, Eagles

Eagles players have built a shrine for Nick Foles in the locker room

Heading into Week 16 action, the Philadelphia Eagles are in a tough position with their playoff chances hanging in the balance.

The Eagles’ chances will largely be impacted by the play of backup quarterback Nick Foles with Carson Wentz out of the mix due to a back injury. With that being the case, veteran defensive end Chris Long has built a shrine for Foles in hopes it brings positive vibes in helping their effort toward reaching the playoffs, according to Tim McManus of ESPN.

“He’s been there to bail us out when we’ve had injuries before. And this weekend, no different,” Long said in explaining the shrine. “I know he’s going to show up big.”

This is a hilarious way that Long has expressed his faith in Foles getting the job done, but he has shown he can accomplish the task. This strong belief in his ability on the field has been cemented by his stellar play in the playoffs last season, where he navigated the team to a Super Bowl win.

Foles has already gotten off to a solid start as he helped the Eagles upend the Los Angeles Rams in a 30-23 win last Sunday. He put together a respectable effort completing 24-of-31 passes and an interception.

Philadelphia will be faced with a tough challenge at home this Sunday against the red-hot Houston Texans, who have won 10 out of their last 11 games. All of this places huge importance on how Foles and the Eagles perform with their playoff hopes essentially on the line.

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